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Beef Brisket

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Prep Time 18 hour

Cook Time 12 hours

Servings 8

Beef Brisket by Pitmaster James Eatmon



  • 12-14lb brisket
  • sea salt and course black pepper (mix it together with 50/50 of each)
  • beef broth


Trim all excess fat from the meat. Trim 90% of the decal of fat. Trim the fat cap down to a ¼ inch. Wash the meat thoroughly. Generously inject the beef broth into the brisket. Take your salt and pepper mix and generously coat the brisket on all sides. Place it in the refrigerator for 18 hours. Remove from the refrigerator and allow it to sit until it reaches room temperature (you do not want refrigerator cold meat on a hot grill). During this time, build your fire in your BBQ pit. I prefer to use hickory wood. Once your grill temperature reaches 200 degrees, place your brisket in your smoker away from direct heat. Do not turn the meat over. It does not matter how you place the brisket on the grill but I prefer the fat cap up. Let it cook until the flat temperature reaches 160 degrees. At that time, pull the meat out of the grill and loosely wrap it in foil. Place the brisket back in the smoker. When the flat temperature reaches 200 degrees pull it from the grill. Place it in a cooler or cambro for two hours. After this time, slice it against the grain and enjoy!

Cook time: 11-13 hours with a temperature of the flat at 200 degrees

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