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Colleen Grapes

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Chef Colleen Grapes

Pastry Chef
The Harrison and The Red Cat

Q: What influenced you to pursue a career as a chef?

A: My families love of food and reading letters from my uncles who traveled the world and always noted what they were eating.

Q: Describe your cooking style?

A: Comfort with a twist….sugar and spice everything nice.

Q: Who taught you the most about food and cooking?

A: George Germon and Joanne Killen at Al Forno in RI

Q: Describe your journey to get where you are.

A: Long and hard with a lot of fun in between.

Q: If you could choose any chef dead or alive to spend the day with cooking, who would it be and why?  

A: Oriol Balaguer.

Q: What is your favorite Chefwear item and why?

A: My snake skin pants are fun. Maybe they should consider something with polka dots:) 

Q: What would your last meal on Earth be and why?

A: Lasagna because it’s my perfect comfort food. It was one of the first things I helped my mom make in the kitchen

Q: What advice do you have for the future chefs out there?

A: Put in the time, do the extra steps to get it right and listen to advice from someone who knows

Awards and accolade.

  • The California Raisin Marketing Board, First Place National WinnerJ
  • James Beard House chef, featured and participated in several James Beard House dinners.
  • Martha Stewart radio
  • Food and Wine Festival NYC
  • NYC Food and Film Festival
  • International Chocolate Show showcase demonstrator for 6 consecutive years
  • The Food Network’s “Sweet Genius”, “Chefography” and “Alex’s Day Off”
  • The Cooking Channel’s “Unique Sweets”
  • Newspapers and publications including:  Food and Wine; Chocolatier; Saveur; Bon Appetite; Health Magazine; New York Times; New York Daily News.
  • Books:  Street Eats; Small Things Sweet; Pies; Pudding; I ♥ Corn
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