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Waist Apron

Waist Apron
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The Waist Aprons by Chefwear are not just your typical boring workwear! Add some exciting color and design into the uniforms that your staff wears every day to meet, greet, and interact with your patrons to give them the best experience, and keep them coming back as loyal customers.

Our durable and stylish Waist Aprons for women and men not only offer a unique, professional fashion statement, but can boost the elegant, upscale atmosphere of your establishment with creative and bold branding choices. Chefwear Waist Aprons are tied at the waist with comfortable waistbands and long, adjustable waist ties to provide the perfect flexible fit for busy servers and waitstaff who remain on their feet most of their shift. As they are specially designed to cover only the lower body to facilitate ease of movement, they are suitable for both men and women, and come in full-length and short length to cover a variety of individual heights and sizes. Our Waist Aprons for women and men also come with roomy pockets for carrying utensils, notepads, and other server necessities, to provide a hands-free way to always carry these essential items. These waist aprons with pockets come with single kangaroo pockets, double or multiple pockets, depending on what you need.

Waist Aprons by Chefwear are the ideal solution for the following restaurant, café, or hotel team members:

  • Waiters and waitresses
  • Bartenders
  • Bussers
  • Front-of-house staff

We are constantly looking to incorporate new and innovative methods to provide the highest quality workwear, aprons, and materials. Our latest Waist Apron designs are available in denim and waxed canvas, providing superior protection, easy cleaning, and low-maintenance utility. Our denim waist aprons come in a range of colors and styles, so there is something to suit anyone and everyone.

We always welcome feedback from you and your staff regarding the quality and durability of our Waist Aprons for women and men during daily use, and we love to hear that you are enjoying the form, protection, and function of our durable styles.

At Chefwear, we make uniforms look good!


What solutions can you offer in terms of branding for Waist Aprons?

When you want the best Waist Aprons to provide versatility, comfort, durability, and protection for your hard-working staff, choose Chefwear to cover your needs. All of our products can be customized with your personal and unique branding, with embroidery from our in-house embroidery unit, adding extra design flair and brand awareness to your apron design. Whatever color, design, or style you are looking for, our Waist Aprons for women and men both, will offer you the perfect solution to fit the tone and atmosphere of your restaurant or café.

What shipping and customer service solutions do you offer for those purchasing Waist Aprons?

The Chefwear Team is available at any time to help you place an order, or to answer any questions you may have regarding our collection of Waist Aprons. Contact any of our Account Managers today to request more information on our modern, functional, and durable Waist Aprons with pockets, and about our shipping methods. We can offer you global shipping that is extremely cost effective through our centrally located distribution center and can get your items to you with the most efficient shipping methods possible, and at prices you won’t find elsewhere.

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