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About Us

About Us

Chefwear was founded over 30 years ago by a chef and entrepreneur, based on the simple idea that those in foodservice need quality, professional apparel to meet the demands of the evolving hospitality industry. Since creating the original 100% cotton chef pants, the business has expanded to include a vast selection of apparel that offers superior comfort, style and functionality for all, ranging from professionals to enthusiasts.

Today, Chefwear is still designed by chefs for chefs and is proud to be a part of the kindthread ecosystem of brands. Learn more about the chef behind our designs.

Our History

Chefwear is synonymous with heritage and experience, and rightly so - it has been outfitting chefs for more than 30 years. The groundwork for Chefwear began when pastry chef Rochelle Huppin was a student at The Culinary Institute of America in 1985. All students received the standard polyester uniform, but Huppin knew the uncomfortable fabric and poor fit would not work for her in the kitchen. So, she created her own styles out of 100% cotton fabric.

Upon her graduation from CIA in 1987, Huppin took a risk and decided to share her new, comfortable baggy chef pants to a number of leading chefs at a charity event hosted by Wolfgang Puck in Los Angeles. Her new style of chefs pants became an instant success with a high demand from the industry to create more! It was apparent that chefs needed a comfortable and fashionable alternative to the standard polyester uniform.

Today, Chefwear has become an iconic name in the chef wear industry and our original styles have developed into a full line of foodservice uniforms. We offer a large selection of culinary uniform options for both your front and back-of-house staff. From chef coats, chef pants, and chef shirts to a variety of accessories and aprons, we have it all. We work with every type of food service business regardless of its size, including large hotel and restaurant chains, independent restaurants, culinary schools, corporate foodservice, university foodservice, grocery stores, country clubs, casinos, cruise ships and TV shows.

We ship everywhere in the world and provide our customers with knowledgeable and friendly service along with the best in culinary uniforms. We believe you deserve the best, that's why we never compromise on quality and service.

Brands We Work With

Hardrock Cafe Kendall College
Berns Steak House San Francisco Baking Institute
Chef Central Bertuccis Pizza Pasta
Great American Restaurants Crepes-A-Latte


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