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Bib Aprons

Bib Aprons
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Is your hotel or restaurant in need of modern, professional Bib Aprons, customized to fit your team's unique style? Chefwear has your team "covered" with our durable, comfortable, and highly versatile Bib Aprons for women and men. Our aprons come in a variety of styles, designs, and colors to fit the look and tone of your brand, atmosphere, and desired aesthetic. Give your hard-working team members more than just a simple uniform, give them a statement-making Bib Apron with pockets dedicated to form, function, and fashion.

Our Bib Aprons provide all the elements of traditional aprons, including an adjustable neck loop and waist ties that offer both comfort and flexibility, but we have also taken the design up a notch to offer superior versatility. Do you need roomy pockets to carry kitchen utensils and other small, essential items? How about full body coverage to the knees, and protection from spills, sauces, and greasy stains? Chefwear’s Bib Aprons with pockets provide all of these benefits to your team members, and all in a lightweight, comfortable style.

The Chefwear Bib Aprons for women and men are manufactured with only the highest quality fabrics, from cotton/spandex blends, to denim, to waxed canvas, and are available in a wide variety of colors, prints, and styles to suit every restaurant, hotel, and hospitality team. Add a little element of fun for your staff with our unique prints and designs! We can give your team the stylish look they want, combined with the ultimate in functionality and flexibility, offering comfort and versatility with their Bib Aprons as they move around a busy kitchen, or work hard to keep your restaurant or hotel clean and sanitized.

All Chefwear creations are held to the highest standards of quality control and testing, ensuring that you will always receive a professional, durable product that not only looks stylish, it will also check all the boxes of form, function, and comfort.

Bib Aprons from Chefwear are ideal for the following restaurant and hotel staff members:

  • Dishwashers
  • Kitchen Staff
  • Maintenance Staff

At Chefwear, we make uniforms look good!


Can Bib Aprons be personalized?

Of course! We can add company branding, logos, or verbiage of your choice to our Bib Aprons for women and men through the professional services of our own in-house embroidery department. Make your bib aprons stand out with personalized embroidery to add a little fashion and fun into your staff uniform!

I need more information regarding the Bib Aprons available. How can I get it?

We are always available to help you place an order of Bib Aprons, or to give you more information on our latest Bib Apron designs. We can also help you with placing a large order for your restaurant, bar, or hotel staff, through one of our account managers. Get in touch with us today to request more information on our modern, functional, and durable Bib Aprons with pockets.

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