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Chef Toque (1400)

CW1400-CW40_03 chef toque chef's toque hat by Chefwear
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CW1400-CW40_03 chef toque chef's toque hat by Chefwear
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  • 1400-40-S07
  • CW1400-CW40_04 Chefwear chef's toque, toque chef
  • CW1400-CW40_03 chef toque chef's toque hat by Chefwear
  • 1400-40-S07
  • CW1400-CW40_04 Chefwear chef's toque, toque chef
  • CW1400-CW40_03 chef toque chef's toque hat by Chefwear
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Product Description

Chefwear's chef toque is a modern take on the classic European chef toque hat. It is made with soft, comfortable cotton that falls loosely around your head. Its wide band and generous pleats make this chef toque a stand-out headwear option. Velcro closure in the back offers a fully adjustable one size fit. Our chef's toque is sure to quickly become one of your favorite chef hats.

  • 6 oz 100% Cotton Twill
  • Adjustable velcro back
  • One Size Fits All
  • Available in white & black

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No big heads allowed


The 100% cotton will shrink. I have about 3/4 inch velcro contact when I wear it due to my hat size. I have owned them for 1 month and hope they will continue to fit after shrinkage. If you have a large hat size they may not fit. The velcro will allow a baby's size head to work but Why?

I love my togue


I am not a professional chef, yet I recognize the importance of hygiene, especially in today’s coronavirus world! And, If I may be blunt, wearing a toque is one way of preventing a chef’s/cook’s worst nightmare, that of having sweat and hair falling into your food prep. (Gag!) I have two toques of superior quality, because I had them embroidered (one red, one green) to match the colors of my chef coats, as appropriate. As with all of my Chefwear purchases, I am quite pleased. I recommend wearing a Chefwear toque to all who work in the kitchen and care about a “clean” environment for food prep, even a home! Besides, the grandkids think I look cool!

Chef hat


It depends on the friends hat size. The one size fits all evidently assumes that all chefs have small heads.

quality hat not cheap


there are lots of cheap hats out there and thats what you will get. I am cheap by nature but this hat is a value when compared to many others {amazon} its thick but not hot. The top is exactly the the right size hight. I wash them daily and they don't wear out. I might have more hours under these things then anyone else that has reviewed them. Bottom line although they are not giving them away the quality comfort and fit are just right same with the coats and pants. Chefwear, the best brand out their.

Chefwear hat


Great product I love this hat

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