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"My friends and peers in the industry inspire me the most. I stand on the shoulders of the giants that paved the way for me, as well as some of the best chefs in the nation that are also some of my best friends. Here at work, my crew and I have to be at our best to serve the guests that walk through those doors every day." - Wally Joe, Acre

Though our journeys in cooking may not all follow the same map, when we are standing side-by-side behind the stove, we know we are pursuing the same goal. The common thread is a passion for the craft of cooking, and for sharing our experiences—stories served up as a new dish or drink. Every one of us wants to create an experience for our guests that they will carry with them long after they have picked up the check.

Kitchens are full of heart. From the moment we button up our first chef whites and tie the strings of our apron, we feel it. The job is a calling, and it is not for the faint of heart. However, shift-after-shift, season-after-season, we keep showing up—because that is what the journey is about. How we arrive may be different, but our aim is the same—to take care of the people that come through the doors. The restaurant world is full of personalities and new paths, which is what makes it the most exciting industry out there. Whatever your passion, you can find your place—or create one for yourself.

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