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Servers and waiters are an essential part of the success of every restaurant, café, and hotel, as they are responsible for providing your guests with a wonderful, welcoming experience. Give your servers the ultimate in comfort and design style with durable Server Aprons from Chefwear.

Our Server Aprons are specially designed to fit the needs of your busy waitstaff who are on their feet for a majority of the day and night. They need form, flexibility, utility, and comfort, all in a functional package, that will provide ease of movement as they scurry from kitchen to table, taking orders and balancing plates, and of course, what would an essential Apron for servers be without roomy pockets for all server essentials, such as notepads, pencils, and utensils? Chefwear has you covered with the perfect balance of form and function. We even have double pocketed aprons for servers for greater functionality and versatility.

We offer Server Aprons in a range of styles and designs, as well as colors, from standard waist aprons to tuxedo-style ones; there is something to suit your restaurants or café’s own unique aesthetics. Our aprons for servers and other wait staff are the ideal choice if you want your staff to look good and feel confident, as they serve up the best for your guests.

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