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Custom Chef Coats & Chef Jackets

Chef Coats and Chef Whites give your chef a professional look, offering a sense of respect and authority. Chef Whites don’t have to be boring though! Give your chef the ultimate professional, elegant, and functional style with our selection of Chef Coats from Chefwear.

Why do you need professional Chef Coats for your busy restaurant or café chefs? They are flame resistant, keeping your kitchen staff safe from fire, heat, and other hazards, and they promote a clean, sanitary working environment. They also give your staff a professional style and facilitate an environment of teamwork as a cohesive unit, and when you see those Chef Whites, there is never any question about who is running the kitchen!

Our Chef Coats are designed to meet all stringent hospitality industry standards with the finest fire- and heat-resistant fabrics to keep your kitchen staff safe – and cool. Hazards are present in restaurant kitchens each and every day, and by offering your chef’s protection from these dangers, you are taking their safety in your hands in a responsible manner.

Adding a touch of irony, our Chef Whites are not only white! They come in a variety of color and style options for both men and women, creating a modern look projecting style, elegance, and authority. When designing Chef Coats, functionality and durability are top priorities, and with this in mind, Chefwear has recently introduced Stain Repellent Chef Coats. These coats are made with a custom blend of cotton and spandex, with a Teflon coating, so that spills and liquids simply roll right off the coat. No more unsightly stains that ruin your Chef Whites!

All of our Chef Coats are made with diamond-knit Hydrotech mesh panels, designed with the highest level of breathability to increase air flow in hot kitchen environments, keeping your staff cool, comfortable, and happy. What if the coats happen to get wet? We’ve solved that problem by using quick-dry technology that will dry up any moisture in a flash.

So, why should you choose Chef Whites by Chefwear for your hard-working, busy kitchen staff?

  • Made with only the most durable cotton fabrics
  • Ease of movement with comfortable and flexible design
  • Available in many designs, styles, and colors
  • Versatile, stylish, and functional
  • Feature split-instrument pockets for carrying utensils
  • Lightweight, breathable, and affordable

Looking for a way to make your chefs and kitchen staff stand out with unique design? All of our Chef Coats can be customized with your restaurant’s personal branding choices. Our in-house embroidery unit will provide handmade embroidery featuring unique customization to fit your establishment’s brand, tone, and style, and all of this at affordable prices to fit any restaurant or hotel budget.

We offer global, cost-effective shipping through our centrally located distribution center, and can get your items to you with the most efficient shipping methods possible. All at an affordable price that you won’t find anywhere else! Now that’s a smart business decision.

The team at Chefwear is always available to help you place an order, or to answer any questions you may have. Whether you would like information on our latest Chef Coat designs, or would like to place a large order for your restaurant or café, one of our account managers will be happy to help you. Contact us today to request more information on our modern, functional, and durable Chef Coats and Chef Whites.

At Chefwear, we make uniforms look good!

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