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Give the women in your kitchen a chance to look stylish, all while keeping the professional and elegant tone of your restaurant, café, or hotel with elegant Women's chef uniforms from Chefwear! Just because Women's Chef Coats are an essential part of the uniform, it doesn’t mean they have to be bland or boring! At Chefwear, we want to give your women chefs a chance to stand out with customized Women’s Chef Jackets and Coats in a variety of designs, colors, and styles, all with the highest level of form, function, and comfort.

Just like our other Chef Coat lines, our female Chef Coats that suit the female form, are made with only 100% cotton, or other high-quality breathable fabrics, with diamond knit Hydrotech mesh panels specially designed for comfort and moisture management. Keep the women in your kitchen cool, comfortable, and protected from fire, heat, and spills, all with our design that allows heat and body steam to escape for the ultimate in cooling protection with our range protective women's chef uniforms. To promote a sanitary, hygienic atmosphere, we also offer Stain Repellent Women's Chef Jackets and Coats, made with a unique blend of cotton and spandex, with a Teflon coating. Liquids, sauces, and other messy spills will just roll right off the coat, without ruining your clean and durable Women's Chef Coat.

Why should your restaurant, café, or hotel choose Women’s Chef Coats by Chefwear?

  • Made with only the highest-quality, breathable fabrics
  • Facilitate easy movement and flexibility with a unique comfortable design
  • Available in a wide array of designs, styles, and colors
  • Stylish and functional for all the women of your kitchen team
  • Feature the convenience of split-instrument pockets for carrying utensils
  • Durable and affordable
  • Lightweight chef coats

The team at Chefwear is always available to help you place an order, or to answer any questions you may have. Whether you would like information on our latest Women's Chef Coat designs, or would like to place a large order for your restaurant or café, one of our account managers will be happy to help you. Contact us today to request more information on our modern, functional, and durable Chef Jackets for women.

At Chefwear, we make uniforms look good!


Why are lightweight chef coats essential for women chefs?

Made from high quality, breathable cotton fabric, Chefwear's range of chef jackets for women are so light, that it won’t restrict their movements and style of working, especially in a busy kitchen. When it comes to a hot and humid commercial kitchen, wearing lightweight chef coats is important to keep your chefs comfortable and efficient.

How can I personalize my women's Chef Coats?

Do you want to make the women of your staff feel extra special? Our in-house embroidery unit can customize your Women's Chef Coats with your unique company colors and branding.

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