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Ultimate Cotton Chef Pant Reviews

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4.1 out of 5
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No longer the quality brand that we knew and loved!


Let me start by saying that I have been a fan of the Chefwear brand for over 20 years and I’ve owned many of the patterns made in either baggy or ultimate pants. Over that time, I’ve recommended Chefwear to many young cooks and Chefs despite their premium prices. Sadly I will no longer be able to make that recommendation. I recently placed an order and the pants that I received were inferior in almost every way compared to the many different pairs that I have worn over the years. In the past these pants were always a great choice but based on other reviews it appears that about 2 years ago that all changed. Construction, elastic band, stitching, materials, sizing and standing behind their products, all at a barely serviceable minimum while still a premium price. If you need quality for your money, this is no longer the place to look. There are many other options in the market today that still offer the value that is sorely lacking. It’s a truly sad day.

long gone


i think the pandemic pretty much destroyed Chefwear. Prior to it, there was so many pattern and types of materials to choose from. Now it's like browsing through a salavage yard, hoping to find any trace of what used to be. Here's to the good ol days! Cheers!



I recently purchased 5 pairs, had them tailored, only to find out the elastic waistband does not compare to the set I purchased 2 years ago. You need a belt to keep them up, but does not coem with belt loops. The draw strings are so thin, it's like trying to tie up with kite string. It's a completely different product.

what happen


I will never buy these pants again. They used to be high quality material and very comfortable with lots of designs to choose from. Now these pants are not comfortable, the pockets are not as deep as they used to be and there are no designs. What happen? Wish they were the way they used to be.



Certainly comfortable but much much larger than I was expecting, ordered a medium and they fit like an extra large. Not to mention the drawstring is too short to actually tie together. Can only pull about an inch of both sides out of the holes.

Really Like


Like this in particular pair-fits comfortable and good flexibility in them as far as constant movement



The strings are too short on all 6 pairs of pants I bought. You can hardly tie them. Very disappointing!

Chef pants


I've been wearing these pants for years. These pin stripped pants, I wore once and the draw string came unattached. This has happened a few times, but mostly after a few wears.



Perfect in every way!

I wear the best!


Been wearing Chefwear for over 20 years for work and leisure. Durable and yet so comfortable I find myself sleeping with these pants on.

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