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Unisex Modern Essential Pull-On Cargo Chef Pant (CW3540) Reviews

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Average Rating

3.7 out of 5
Based on 7 reviews
86% would recommend this item to a friend.


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So comfortable!


Haven’t worked in the kitchen in a while. So when having to buy new work pants, I wanted something lightweight and comfortable. These pants were better than I could have expected! It is weird without a drawstring, can’t hold too much in the pockets. But I don’t mind because they are so comfortable.

Not normal chef pants


I love this company. They were out of my favorite chef pants the gray pinstripes so I tried these. I didn’t like the style only because it was more scrups material but still nice. But for the kitchen I’m used to a different style.

Needs drawstring


The pants are lightweight and breathable but I thought there would be a drawstring to hold the pants up. The elastic is non-existent so therefore doesn't help especially when I have stuff in my pockets.



I agree with the previous review about the drawstring or belt loops would be good. My pockets are usually loaded with things. Mine are a bit loose so have to hike them up a bit a few times an hour.

Good fit except the waist


I misread the description and ordered three of these thinking they had the drawstring in the waistband. I still wear them but I have to use something to keep them up. The elastic in the waist is not very tight or snug. If I put anything in my pockets, the pants start to come down as I move about the kitchen. Aside from that, they are a little tight in the groin but they are comfortable, lightweight, breathable, and have six (6) pockets! As soon as I figure out how to secure the waist they'll be perfect.

Great for warm weather


The fabric is lightweight so it is great for hot kitchens. It should be offered in a shorter length...this is an issue for many people that I know. I would like to see a high quality pant, shorter length, thin fabric with even more breathability. With all of the high performance fabrics today someone should see the market for the restaurant industry and make a superior line of chef wear and take advantage of the opportunity at hand!

Good but thin


These are about the weight of a scrub pant. The waist is a wide elastic that is comfy and stays flat. The legs are wider like a scrub too, with nicely sized and placed pockets. Inseam length is way too long for me but I'm short so I'm used to it. Taller people will find these perfect. Really, for the price, if you live at work these are a great alternative to regular chef pants during the summer months, or if your kitchen, like mine, is just outside a portal to Hades.

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